Introducing the Founders

Hi, I'm Sue and I would just like to give you a brief introduction about myself:

I have always loved working with people and spent many years working in social housing, eventually managing my own team.

Many of my staff used to come to me to talk over their problems and I found I was very good at helping people make life-changing decisons.

I studied a diploma in Life Coaching and then trained for over three years and became a counsellor, eventually setting up my own business helping people with relationship issues.

I have also worked with local voluntary services, Carers Support and Mind Mental Health.

Over the past eight years, I became a carer for my mother, who had dementia and I now work supporting other carers.

We arrange events, provide lifts, or simply find that just having a coffee and a chat can work wonders for people when they are feeling down.

Through my work, I have realised that one of the many reasons people are unhappy and suffer from depression is because they feel isolated.

In this busy world, where families often live miles apart, loneliness is a big issue, so, now, Lesley and myself feel it's time to provide an affordable friendship service so that people never need to feel lonely again.

Welcome to Friendly Faces of Kent.

I look forward to meeting you.







Hello, my name is Lesley.

I have worked with individuals and groups within the community for many years. I was employed as a Support Worker and as an Activies Co-ordinator in several care settings.

I ran my own footcare business for over 11 years, caring for clients' foot health in the comfort of their own homes.

Today I am a Registered Carer for my father and work as a Mindfulness Teacher. In my spare time, I organise regular social events and trips for my local carers support group.

I am a real 'people person', so quickly offer myself to help family and friends, generally becoming a confident and an active part of their support network.

Over the years, I have noticed that my clients enjoy my company; they particularly enjoy having someone to chat with, share time with and offload to.

This experience prompted me to train for my Level 3 Award in Counselling and I recently attained my Level 3 First Aid Certificate. I also qualified as a teacher by obtaining a Certficate in Education and Training.

After meeting my friend, Sue, several years ago at our support group, we realised we had common outlooks and decided to set up Friendly Faces of Kent.

We both realise a need for our service as it is so easy to become isolated and lonely. Our hope is to bring a friendly smile, support and a caring outlook to people's lives.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our monthly group meetings. If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness, please visit my website: www.mindful4life.co.uk or click on the link below.