Meet our members

How we're helping to make a difference in the lives of our members

This is our member Phil, his reason WHY for joining the Pedometer challenge was to help get his muscles stronger so that he could walk better with his prosthetic legs. Phil lives alone so the interaction which the Challenge created was a huge help and encouraged him to join in some of the other activities we have on offer for physical and mental health.

Not only was this challenge physically challenging due to his prosthetics, it also had the barrier of isolating due to Covid. In normal circumstances he would be outside on our walks and going about his daily exercise, but like many at the moment this is not possible, and some have become unmotivated and sluggish. Phil jumped at the chance to get moving again, and he didn’t let the barrier of being in isolation overcome his determination. Because he was unable to step out, he purchased a manual treadmill and was ready to smash his goal, seems no barrier stops Phil getting back to his physical self.

Phil has lots of motivation and his story inspired many of our members to keep going he has been a real goal setter in this project, and he is looking forward to joining us on our small pod walks when Covid restrictions allow.  

Sue normally comes along to our twice monthly Friendly Space at Sittingbourne but has been isolating for much of the Lockdown since March 2020. During this time, she has undergone two knee surgeries so has been off her feet for best part of this time too. Sue has been enjoying our Friendly Faces of Kent’s online Workshops, Virtual Walks, Zoom chats and book club and has been the lucky winner of a couple of our Quizes.

Sue’s husband Derek has been able to pop to the local shop, but they have enjoyed receiving a food box donated by our Partners at Strengthening Minds and Moat housing, “it was a real treat full of fresh fruit and vegetables plus lots of cupboard essentials” said Sue.

More recently both Sue and Derek joined in the small pod walk in-between Lockdowns. Sue found this really uplifted her and said "It was great to get out in the fresh air and enjoys the companionship of others. My husband came along too, and it was great to see him chatting away, it gave him a chance to relax and enjoy the company."

Moving forward Sue is looking forward to returning to our group settings as she really enjoys meeting people and joining in our interactive Crafts workshops, Essential Oil tutorial and armchair exercise. Sue enjoys coming along to our ‘Walk and Talk’ outings with our Partners at Stepping out as walking is something she loves to do in her spare time and in resent years has taken up Nordic Walking.